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Custom Enchantments Guide
Custom Enchantments Guide

Custom Enchantments Guide

How to Use Shards

To apply an enchantment, right-click while holding an item in your off-hand and the shard in your main hand. Make sure you have enough experience levels as required for each enchantment.

How to Remove Enchantments

To remove an enchantment, use an anvil. Place the enchanted item in the first slot and an enchanted book that can be applied to the item in the second. This will remove the custom enchant from the item and give you back the shard.

Vampire Touch (Swords)

Steals a percentage of the victim's health on hit.

  • Level I: 20% life steal
  • Level II: 30% life steal
  • Level III: 40% life steal

Air Walker (Boots)

Walk on air using temporary glass blocks.

  • Level I: Active for 10s, Cooldown 20s
  • Level II: Active for 20s, Cooldown 15s
  • Level III: Active for 30s, Cooldown 10s

Blindness (Swords, Axes)

Has a chance to blind the victim on hit for a specific duration.

  • Level I: 10% chance, 3s duration
  • Level II: 20% chance, 4s duration
  • Level III: 30% chance, 5s duration

Gardener (Boots)

Makes flowers appear everywhere you walk.

Lava Walker (Boots)

Allows walking on lava by creating a temporary platform of obsidian and crying obsidian.

  • Level I: 2 block radius
  • Level II: 3 block radius

Frost (Bow, Crossbow)

Has a chance to apply a freezing effect to the victim on hit.

  • Level I: 10% chance, 10s freeze
  • Level II: 20% chance, 20s freeze
  • Level III: 30% chance, 30s freeze

Last Chance (Helmet)

Gives a chance to turn invisible when health drops below 10%.

  • Level I: 60% chance, 10s invisibility, 1800s cooldown
  • Level II: 70% chance, 20s invisibility, 1200s cooldown
  • Level III: 80% chance, 30s invisibility, 900s cooldown

Shock Aspect (Axes)

Has a chance for lightning to strike at enemies.

  • Level I: 10% chance, 12 damage
  • Level II: 20% chance, 12 damage
  • Level III: 30% chance, 12 damage

Levitation (Swords, Axes, Bows)

Has a chance to apply levitation to enemies.

  • Level I: 5% chance, 2 power, 5s duration
  • Level II: 7% chance, 3 power, 5s duration
  • Level III: 9% chance, 4 power, 5s duration

Animal Whisperer (Hoes)

Instantly tames all animals.

Green Thumb (Hoes)

Replants crops when they are harvested.

Moon Fang (Swords)

Sends an energy wave damaging enemies, with a hunger cost.

  • Level I: 3 damage, 5% hunger loss
  • Level II: 4 damage, 5% hunger loss
  • Level III: 5 damage, 5% hunger loss

Volley (Bow)

Sends a volley of arrows when sneaking and shooting.

  • Level I: 3 damage, 3 arrows
  • Level II: 4 damage, 5 arrows
  • Level III: 5 damage, 7 arrows

EnderBow (Bow)

Sends the player flying along with the arrow.

Senbonzakura (Elytra)

Spawns cherry leaf particles on Elytra.

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